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Polinomial : Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika is a scientific journal published by Papanda. This aims to provide a national forum for researchers and professionals to share their ideas on all topics related to mathematics education.

Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidik Indonesia (ISSN 2830-781X)  adalah Jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh Papanda Publisher. Jurnal ini terbit setiap 6 bulan atau dua kali dalam satu tahun. Artikel-artikel yang diterbitkan jurnal ini adalah artikel karya ilmiah, studi pustaka atau hasil penelitian yang dilakukan oleh pendidik di Indonesia, baik itu guru, dosen, maupun mahasiswa calon guru. Kajian dalam jurnal ini mencakup multidisiplin keilmuan yang berkaitan dengan pendidikan, dengan tujuan memajukan pendidikan di Indonesia.

Mirabilis: Journal of Biology Education is a biology education journal published by Papanda. This journal is a journal of biology education learning and research, the focus and scope include the Application of biology learning models; biology learning media; evaluation and assessment of biology learning; and research on the development of learning biology.

Papanda Journal of English Education (PJEE), a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, is a platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners in the field of English education to publish and disseminate their original research and studies. The journal aims to promote knowledge-building and problem-solving in the field and to make scientific works in relevant research areas accessible to the public. The journal has been published online by the Papanda since 2022. The primary scope and focus of the journal include English Language Teaching (ELT), Technology-Enhanced ELT, Language Testing and Assessment, English Applied Linguistics, and Second Language Acquisition (SLA).

Journal of Metrics Studies and Social Science (JMSSS) publishes high-quality, rigorous research on quantitative aspects of information science. The journal’s primary focus is on bibliometrics, scientometrics, webometrics, patentometrics, altmetrics, and research evaluation. Contributions that investigate informetric problems using methods from other quantitative fields, such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics and econometrics, and network science, are particularly encouraged. JMSSS publishes theoretical as well as empirical work. Furthermore, this journal welcomes other contributions relating to social science research. The scope is broad and covers socio-cultural aspects of human behaviour. Cultural anthropology, economics, political science, sociology, criminology, and social psychology are all examples of contributions.

Jistec : journal of information systems and technology

Jistec is an open access journal, peer-reviewed in the field of information systems and technology which includes research activities related to information technology and systems development, software development, mobile programming, multimedia and computer network technology. The purpose of publishing this journal is as a publication media for researchers in the field of informatics, so that concepts and knowledge in the field of informatics can be implemented and analyzed as well as possible. Research results should be included so that research results can be reproduced and used as complementary material for published articles.

Edukasiana is published by Papanda Publisher, mainly focuses on major issues in teaching,  Teaching Assessment, learning media, development subjects of education, and management of education. This Journal received all the topics about the results of studies and research of lecturers, students, teachers, practitioners, and scientists in the field of elementary education. For the research category, articles can be written using quantitative and qualitative approaches and can be made in a variety of research designs, such as action research, experiments, and case studies. 

Journal of Innovation and Research in Primary Education (JIRPE) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research and review articles primarily but limited to the area of elementary school education. It brings together academics and researchers from different countries who seek to promote a vigorous dialogue between scholars in various fields both central and related to scientific enquiry in education. JIRPE is published two times yearly and only accepts articles in English.

Papanda Journal of Community Service is a scientific multidisciplinary journal published by Papanda Publisher. It is on the national level that covers a lot of common problems or issues related to community services. The aim of this journal publication is to disseminate the conceptual thoughts or ideas and research results that have been achieved in the area of community services.

The editors of Indonesian Journal of Education and Social Science (IJESS) are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of the 1st volume. We hope you find these papers inspiring and look forward to receiving more research articles, reviews, commentaries, ideas for special issues, and other papers on educational research from across the globe.
We would like to pass on congratulations to all authors on this issue and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the time and effort devoted by reviewers to improving the quality of published work in IJESS.

Papanda Journal of Mathematics and Sciences Research (PJMSR) is a scientific journal published by Papanda (Paguyuban Panalungtik Sunda) since 2022. This journal was established to provide up-to-date knowledge in the fields of mathematics and science (physics, chemistry, biology) widely to all academics, researchers and students who have an interest in this field.

PJMSR is an open-access journal published twice a year (June – December). All submitted manuscripts will be initially reviewed by the editor and then evaluated by two reviewers with relevant fields through a double-blind review process. This is to ensure the quality of the manuscripts published in the journal.

Journal of Innovation and Research in Agriculture (JIRA) is a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal published by Papanda Publisher. This journal covers all aspects of agricultural research including Animal Science and Fisheries, Agribusiness, Agricultural Technology, and Agriculture and Bioscience. Manuscripts with either basic, applied, or advanced studies are accepted. Each of the manuscripts needs to be completed with well design method and a systematic review of previous works. This journal aims to provide academic insights for policymakers, as well as valuable references for further studies. All manuscripts are double-blind refereed before acceptance.

Journal of Innovation in Management, Accounting and Business (JIMAB) provides a scientific discourse about management, accounting, and business, both practically and conceptually. The published articles in this journal cover various topics from the result of particular conceptual analysis and critical evaluation to empirical research. The journal also welcomes contributions from the social, organisational, and philosophical aspects of accounting, business and management studies. JIMAB goal is to advance and promote innovative thinking in accounting, business and management-related disciplines. The journal spreads recent research works and activities from academicians and practitioners so that networks and new links can be established among thinkers as well as creative thinking and application-oriented issues can be enhanced. JIMAB is published by Papanda twice a year.